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When you own a house, you need to think about the roof’s condition to ensure the safety of your family. Living in a country like Scotland means that the harsh wet and windy weather conditions will have a massive impact on your roof, and we all know to well that we have creative names like storm Abigail, and hurricane Baw… actually we won’t go into the rude ones.

Inspecting your roof regularly is the best way to warrant your home structure is secure and issues are detected early before they become major issues, prevention is better (and cheaper) than the cure. Consequently, having a professional visit your home multiple times a year to replace any damaged tiles, clean your gutters and survey your roof will maintain it for many years to come.

These are many benefits to getting your roof regularly inspected and maintained, here are the main ones:

1) It will save you money

Investing in a new roof is sometimes necessary, but it can be a headache no one wants to deal with, and most of the times, it’s avoidable. Aside from the hassle, it’s also costly to replace your whole roof. Getting your roof and guttering checked annually will prevent serious erosion to your home. This will save you from getting your roof replaced in the long-run. Which is the most cost-effective way to maintaining your home.

2) Potential hazards

Adverse weather is what affects roofs the most. Our Scottish weather especially makes our home more vulnerable to cracks, moved panels and tiles or clogged gutters. Whether its rain, snow, wind or even heat and humidity, it’s essential to get the health of your roof checked before and after severe weather seasons. Doing so will mean that you are catching collected puddles that can lead to roof leaks or even worse moved tiles, well in advance of them becoming irreversibly damaged.

3) Add value to your home

Having structural integrity is an important factor when valuing a house. A roof in good health will fetch a much higher price point than a roof with damage or extensive wear and tear. If your roof has issues, it will most likely discourage potential buyers. That’s why spending a little annually to inspect and maintain you roof will be a good return on investment. Look at it this way, you maintain a car, which is a depreciating asset, so that when you come to sell it you can gain maximum return on your investment. Your home is an appreciating asset, so even more so, you should be looking at maintenance and the integrity of the building with a high priority.

4) Family comes first

A lot people don’t realise that an unmaintained roof can lead to further damage to the structure of the house. Leaks that are undealt with can lead to mould and mildew growth, which can cause respiratory inflammations for the people living in the house.

Based in West Lothian, Edinburgh and surrounding areas? You can get a get a free survey today to get peace of mind on your family’s health and safety.

Not to mention the upheaval involved when you have flood or leak damage that causes you to move your family to temporary accommodation.

5) Save on your energy bill

We’ve established that paying a minimum monthly or annual fee to maintain your roof will save you from spending a hefty price on replacing your roof in the long-run. But did you know that a regular roof maintenance check can also save you a significant amount in your energy bills.

When your insulation gets wet or mouldy, it becomes less effective. You will notice a significant difference in your energy bill when your roof insulation material is not in good shape.

If you’re looking to get covered for many years to come, we offer bronze, silver and gold contracts that include regular health check visits, a gutter cleaning, roofing tile repair, and a roofing survey.

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We are members of a host of trusted accreditations and trade bodies, ensuring the highest quality workmanship an customer care at all times. These include: NFRC (National federation of roofing contractors) , Federation of master builders, Edinburgh trusted trader, West Lothian trusted trader.

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