Brand New Garages And Conversions

Are you making the most of your garage? When was the last time you actually used it to store your car? Be honest – have you ever? If, like the majority of homeowners, you use your garage as more of a junk storage unit, then it could be the most expensive waste of space and potential you have (without even realising it!).

Converting your garage is a cost-effective way to add value to your home, utilise wasted space and create an entirely new living area for you and your family to enjoy. From a new bedroom or home office, to a beautiful kitchen extension or luxurious wet-room, the possibilities are endless!

Improve, Not Move

If you’re planning on extending your property, consider your garage space first and foremost. Making the most of the space you already have will prove less expensive than building a new extension, and certainly more cost-effective (and far less stressful!) than moving house. With many of us facing a lack of usable land, and therefore turning to the ‘improve not move’ way of thinking, consider the difference in price between converting and moving to a larger property, and the choice soon becomes clear.

Did you know that an average garage conversion can add around 10% to the value of a property? Therefore when considering the relatively modest expense (particularly in comparison to extensions), think of the conversion as an investment!

As an added bonus, garage conversions may not require planning permission. While this may vary, and we will of course advise you accordingly, it’s certainly something worth bearing in mind!

Reliable and Respected

At PWD Roofing and Construction, we’re very well-versed in quality garage conversions and would be delighted to discuss any queries, questions and needs. We also specialise in building entirely new garages, with expert workmanship, impeccable attention to detail and unrivalled standards in everything we do.

Contact us now on 01865 807925 to discuss your options, and how a garage conversion can add value, space and comfort to your property!